Friday, 29 April 2011

What's YOUR favourite Glitter?

Happy Friday crafty peeps. How was your day? Did you watch the wedding? Did you go in to London and see the procession, sat in the park to see on the big screen, or did you just wave a flag at the telly while having a cuppa? 
I have to admit I wasn't in to all of this and was sick of hearing about it. But I did get up to watch it, and it really was lovely, Kate looked stunning. Although I will say one thing.... I think the day as a whole needed more glitter.

Well here at GlitterGeek towers, or more accurately, the corner of my bedroom, I was thinking about my ever growing glitter collection. And I wondered about you crafters out there. What is YOUR favourite glitter. And what do you do with it?

I got most of my glitters out last night and compared them against one another and really didn't think there would be that much difference. But there IS!

The range can start at the most basic of glitters, which I know I was fascinated with as a child. Its a tad on the chunky side and will probably flake off of what ever you put it on depending on the glue you used with it, but is't that part of the fun as a child? It really didn't matter that it was cheap or flakey because it was bright and shiny! :D

Well, now I am older, much older my love for glitter hasn't changed. But the glitter out there definitely has! When I got more in to crafting I found the world of 'stash' to be an amazing ever changing place. My first tubs of glitter were about 99p and I used them a lot. And then Papermania brought some out which were a slight improvement on the 99p ones.

Then I discovered Doodlebug glitter! This is lovely stuff, and the colours are beautiful. I started using glitter more and more, although these are such tiny pots I didn't want them to run out! But they are still going strong as it is quite fine.

Then Doodlebug brought out a chunky version! Also lovely, but as it's chunky I haven't used it as much as you do get some flakes falling off.

Now I am an avid watcher of C&C and that's where I have gotten to know some of the crafty Celebs and certain products. This is where I heard of Cosmic Shimmers. I could always see with their embossing powders that they seem to give a special result. So when I saw the glitters on the Polkadoodles website I had to grab some. 
I think these have to be my all time favourite! I can not even describe the texture of them, but when you pour it out of the tub it's like water! It's very fine and the colours and effects are stunning. 
My favourite shade to use is Aurora Sparkle. This glitter is fine, so when you have used Pro Markers and you want to high light a certain part of the image, you can see the colour through the glitter. I used a quickie glue pen and then this glitter over the wings of a fairy, and the result was stunning.

Anyway, I just thought I would share with you. So I guess you can see why I am part of the GlitterGeeks! I am a geek when it comes to glitter!
Leave a comment and let me know what your favourite is! And why not put your projects on our forum! We would love to see your work!

Have a lovely weekend, and may it be full of glitter!
Josie xx


  1. You really are a glitter geek. It's amazing the different types they are. I like the stickles as well and the fine dusty stuff. But where loose glitter makes more mess and is quicker to dry, stickles is LESS mess and longer to dry so I guess it would depend on how quick you needed the project and what space you have to work in.

    Love the post and thanks for opening my eyes to the wonderous world of glitter!!!

  2. I love glitter too!! I use Stampin' Up! Glitter. My two favourites are su dazzling diamonds and they also now stock beautiful glass glitter. I'm a little bias as I'm
    a stampin up demonstrator but seriously they're both lovely!! Check them out!! Amyxxx

  3. I like the Stampendous Ultra Fine glitter... in fact i used some yesterday and now i keep seeing it everywhere, yep even the mad moggy is twinkling LOL.
    Hugs Jacqui xxx